An exciting week at Venzee! We’ve been working hard for the past few weeks to release a few key features. Just a few of those updates are:

  • Import / Export in XLS, XLSX format
  • Improved registration process
  • Click to see the product updates, or export to CSV, XLS, XLSX from the app and the notification email.
  • Template and transformation

Import / Export in XLS, XLSX format

Our most requested feature! If you’re receiving notifications of product updates, and need to export them into your own systems that aren’t integrated yet with Venzee, export them into the excel format of your choice.

If you’re importing your data into Venzee, we’ve added support for XLS and XLSX to get your product info to the people that need it, just a little bit easier.

You can see these updates while browsing your collections.


Improved Sign Up Process and User Management

We’ve been listening to our customers and partners, and we have improved the usability around creating a new account, inviting partners to your account, and managing who has access, and their abilities.


Export Product Updates from Notification Email

There’s two exciting updates in one to share, like an ice cream sandwich! When you receive an email notification that your collection has been updated we have given you a link to download just the updates in the email, and that includes all the new formats too, via XLS, XLSX, and CSV.

Templates and Transformation

We have saved the best for last! Users can now create custom templates to transform their data into formats to export for their different vendors and partners. Also available are public templates that are available that are created by Venzee, or other customers. Some of the first ones being added are for Bed Bath and Beyond, eBay, Magento, and more.

We’re working on adding more each week, so keep checking back to the Template Library for more.


This update is for version 2.3.95