We’re working hard on making product information fluid.

We’re a friendly bunch who have worked at companies including Amazon, Google, Ubisoft, Apple, Zynga, Epicor and Mashery. We came together because we believe in a retail industry with a lot less spreadsheets and a whole lot more automation wrapped in a user friendly, collaborative experience.

Basically, computers doing the heavy lifting instead of humans which means less cost, less errors and more speed. And we’re getting pretty good at it. 

Like market leaders including Intercom, Stripe, Invision and Buffer, we’re a 100% distributed team living and working all over the world. We believe in fun, family and diversity and we believe in small teams. Small teams are responsive, they work smart and they work fast.

Interested in joining us? Check out our open positions on Angel List or send a note with your resume to careers@venzee.com.


January 2

The Wayfair Project

Venzee announce a collaboration with Wayfair, just one of ten major retailers that Venzee is working with to introduce system friendly, error free product submission for vendors.
December 20

Customers in 50+ Countries

Venzee announces in just 6+ months, companies have signed up in more than 50 countries.
November 29

The Industry’s most powerful data transformation engine

Venzee reveals collaboration based, content rich exports. Wrapped in a beautifully simple user experience, exports detect changes by the vendor and update automatically.
October 7

Industry Backed Investment

Venzee announces a private investment round backed by industry professionals and private investors from Amazon, Google, YouTube and Price Waterhouse.  
June 1

Anheseur Busch add distributor network

Anheseur Busch add their distributor network for Mexico to the Venzee platform as a pilot territory.
April 1

Beta Release

Venzee releases its beta version.
November 17

CIX Winner

The CIX Top 20 program is Canada’s largest national showcase of the 20 hottest and most innovative tech companies in the country. Venzee was chosen from hundreds of applications.
July 15

Oversubscribed Seed Raise

Venzee closes an oversubscribed seed raise for $1.6M. Early investors include 500 Startups and Gary Rubens who founded ATG Stores (acq. by Lowes $300M).
June 1

Generator Challenge Winner

Venzee wins Generator Challenge in Vancouver, receiving 12 months of free office space and entering the 2015/2016 program.
October 18

Top Graduate – 500 Startups

Demoed to more than 40 VC funds in San Francisco and Mexico City.
May 1

500 Startups

Venzee was accepted into 500 Startups, a top three Silicon Valley accelerator with a 3% acceptance rate.
January 6

Venzee was born

Venzee was founded by Kate Hiscox, Marco Sylvestre and Xin Huang.

“Our retailers love Venzee and the benefits to our business were immediate.”

Cindy Fogarty, VP E-Commerce – ELK Group International