Today our ‘one-click’ integration with Shopify graduated from beta to live and is now available to all Venzee users! We’ve released both an inbound and outbound integration which means you can move products and updates both to and from Shopify in seconds.

Typical use cases for these integrations include;

  • Launch a new store on Shopify
  • Migrate a store to Shopify
  • Add products and updates to existing Shopify stores
  • Add live inventory to Shopify stores

This integration is free and is available under all of our accounts including ‘Free Forever’ where you can kick the tires for up to 100 dynamic records. Get started!

Get Started!

Tired of spending hours working on spreadsheets to import to Shopify?

Get Started!
Venzee has saved me a ton of time. I tried outsourcing my product content but there were way too many mistakes and I know that’s a common problem for merchants. Finally, I can look at adding new product lines to our stores. Nick Mell – Collective Edge
Nick Mell

About Shopify

From a team of 5 working out of a local coffee shop, to a team of over 500 working in 4 offices across Canada, Shopify has enjoyed tremendous success and growth. They get the e-commerce space and it’s been exciting to work with a company that understand the back office challenges for merchants. We’re excited to see how and where the Shopify integration is used and look forward to helping Shopify push the envelope for e-commerce and their more than 200,000 merchants.