Today sees the release of our integration with WooCommerce. This is an outbound integration that supports all product fields with the exception of attributes (variants). We’ll shortly release a second integration for attributes along with an inbound integration for both product fields and attributes. The integration supports all other product types including downloads.

Typical use cases for this integration are;

  • Add new products to WooCommerce stores, excluding attributes
  • Update existing products on WooCommerce stores
  • Update inventory on your WooCommerce stores. Sync includes daily, hourly, 15 minutes and 5 minutes. Contact us for real-time

This integration is free and is available under all of our accounts including ‘Free Forever’ where you can test things out with up to 100 dynamic records. Get started!

Get Started!

Tired of spending hours working on spreadsheets to import to WooCommerce?

Get Started!
Venzee has worked out great. We’ve probably used every plugin there is for importing products to WooCommerce and none of them work particularly well. And we were still using spreadsheets to build product descriptions, specs and pricing. Venzee replaced everything and its reliable.
Dave Easter – Smokehaus
Dave Easter

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