Spreadsheets are the bane of the eCommerce world. We know that you don’t like working with spreadsheets. Nobody does. In fact, you might be one of those people who would rather have a root canal than deal with spreadsheets. We feel your pain. That’s why we’ve been working hard here at Venzee to bring you an alternative to spreadsheets and…

We’ve done it! Venzee’s platform now handles the creation of products and updates for Weebly. That means Weebly merchant won’t have to deal with spreadsheets anymore. From now on adding and updating your products is going to be fast, easy, and spreadsheet-free!

Venzee’s Weebly template is now available and all Weebly merchants can use it to make products and updates that are compatible with the Weebly eCommerce platform.

How Venzee works:

Step 1: Super Easy Sign Up Without A Credit Card

Sign up takes just seconds. A little bit longer than it takes to say “I hate spreadsheets”. Once you’re signed up you’re ready to start importing the data your supply chain sent you. Go through the following tutorials to learn how.

How do I import data into Venzee?
How do suppliers share data with their retailers via Venzee?

Step 2: Get Your Weebly Template

Once you’ve imported your data go to the Dynamic Data tab on top and then click on the green Add+ button. You should see our Template Library. Find the Weebly template and select it.

How do I create a template?

Step 3: Start Mapping

Map your data’s attributes (name, brand, color, etc.) with the fields in your Weebly template. If you like you can create new dynamic content by combining your data with the fields in the template. You can also do math calculation, add padding, and make tables. You’re saving time because you’re not working on single products… the data transformation happens in bulk.

How do I create a Dynamic Collection?
How do I import images into Venzee?

Step 4: Now Create Your Weebly-Compatible Products!

Once you’ve completed mapping your data on the template fields, click Generate and Venzee will transform your source data into products that are compatible with the Weebly platform. To see them you just have to go into Dynamic Data. Click the Export button, select the format of your choice, and check your email for the download link. You’re done!

Now For The Magic…

Update your Source Data and your newly created Dynamic Data updates as well. This means that every time you, your supplier or anyone on your team make a change, your Weebly-ready, dynamic records, are updated as well. We told you that we were going to make your life easier!

Get Started!

Tired of dealing with massive spreadsheets to update Weebly?

Get Started!
Update your Source Data and your newly created Dynamic Data updates as well. That’s the Venzee magic!

About Weebly

Founded in 2007 this San Francisco-based platform is almost a household word now when it comes to the super easy creation of websites, blogs, and online stores. Aimed at first-time business owners Weebly offers both free and premium plans and their highly-rated app is the most popular website building app in both the App Store and Google Play. What can we say? Of course, we’re excited about the opportunity to build a committed partnership with an eCommerce platform like Weebly!