After our last release, it’s hard act to follow, but we still have a few gems to share with you this week.

More functionality for transformations and templates

We have talked to you, our customers, and added some key features you have asked for.

  • Delete templates you created but aren’t too happy with.
  • Notifications for actions around templates: New, Edit, Remove.

Multiple image import via CSV

While importing your data into Venzee via a CSV, you can now have multiple columns for images for each product. This is important to a lot of our customers as there are many reasons to have multiple images per product.

Easily add a specifications table without any HTML knowledge

Almost all products have Details & Specs these days, and we want to make it as easy as possible to have the right information being shared.

We saw that a lot of retailers and manufacturers are putting HTML code into spreadsheets for display on e-commerce sites. When it breaks it’s really frustrating and time consuming to find the problem.

Now available during transformations our Spec List can create a table for you, that’s easily displayed on ecommerce sites. See below the formatted output in the “Table” section.

We also addressed various bug fixes. This update is for version 2.3.95.