5 Signs You Need Help With Your Product Information

October 30, 2015
- Update on 
June 29, 2018

5 Signs You Need Help With Your Product Information

October 30, 2015
- Update on 
June 29, 2018
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1. You have 30 spreadsheets to update each of your retailers

When each of your retailers is looking for a specific way to receive product information, and you edit the same information into each excel doc, but modify it a specific way.

Break away from the duplicate work! Venzee is a great solution to notify your retailers of product changes.

2. You have a growing love-hate relationship with spreadsheets

Either you’ve mastered importing data from master sheets with macros, or by Friday you’re bashing your computer with your keyboard, now is the time to find an easier solution to managing product info!

3. Your favorite feature of El Capitan or Windows 8 is being able to easily put two windows side by side

Copy and pasting was difficult when you were constantly switching between windows or tabs, but now with that big display and side by side windows, you’re a master at the ctrl+C and ctrl+V.

Stop the madness of copy paste and embrace the power of a product information manager. Venzee can move and transform data so it’s ready for your sales team, or your distributor.

4. When your desk looks like this but it’s just from this week

Scrap the data entry, and import all your data into a system that can move and transform your data easily.

5. When you have more than 50 rows or columns in your spreadsheet

There’s an easier way to manipulate your product information than huge spreadsheets.

Venzee is the easiest way to connect to retailers

AH: Ok, I get it, but isn't "content syndication" something that standards-based data pools solved decades ago?

JA: Good question but sort of like suggesting the covered wagon solved for the challenges of distributing physical goods. Times change and needs change. But, let me give credit where credit is due. In 1974 a number of innovative organizations came together to prove that with a machine-readable barcode and access to an organized data structure, the process of grocery check-out could be made more efficient. And, in June 1974, at Marsh’s Grocery in Troy, Ohio a pack of Wrigley gum was accurately scanned at check-out. Amazing stuff. Innovative. Transformational.

But we're in a different world today. That pack of Wrigley gum sits in the Smithsonian and Marsh's went bankrupt in 2017. Yet the organization - and the data structures supporting that transaction some 50 years ago - still persist today in the form of a standards-based database that needs to "synchronize" globally on a nightly basis. Brands, manufacturers, and retailers reliant on that sort of outmoded technology (and there are tens of thousands) are now challenged - and candidly, failing - to provide the type of rich, engaging, actionable data today's consumer demands.

Venzee was built in an era of cloud databases that persist globally with no need to "synchronize." We are API - which is code for “easy to connect with” - on inbound and outbound transactions. And, we leverage deep learning and other advanced tech to recognize, communicate, and resolve anomalies across the whole of the content distribution system.

AH: Impressive. But what does that mean for growth at Venzee?

JA: There are significant implications. Our goal for 2019 is to continue to grow our partner relationships and improve their clients content distribution. We are in the process of integration with our announced partners and expect those to go live.

And, while I don't have a crystal ball, I can tell you that our partner discussions and current engagements all tell us the content distribution pain Venzee eliminates is a critical challenge their clients need resolved to remain competitive.

If that is true - and I believe it is - then Venzee, as a modern, pure-play content distribution solution, is well positioned to facilitate the digital connection between brands, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers on a global scale. I don't exactly know how to assign a value to that statement, but if the choice for a brand or retailer today is between tech in the Smithsonian or Venzee, Venzee wins every time.

AH: Many thanks for your time John,

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any further questions or comments.

Arlen Hansen, President, Kin Communications Inc.

Improving the way your business handles product information will set your business apart and help you scale.
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