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Bed Bath & Beyond recommends Venzee to their vendors. They partnered with us to streamline and accelerate the data-submission process for their vendors, which means more revenue sooner.

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Venzee accepts your existing product information and automatically matches it to retailer-required formats, so you can publish your products to digital storefronts like Bed Bath & Beyond—faster than using any other method.

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Get Product Data into the Fast Lane

Venzee automates your data without costly interruptions, removing bottlenecks to connect you with Bed Bath & Beyond and trading partners in real-time.

Rapid Automation

Upload and match product data to automatically meet the requirements of Bed Bath & Beyond and other retailers — ready to be approved and published to digital storefronts.

Reduce Rejections

Venzee accepts your data and performs automatic validation checks against requirements, flagging errors and reducing cumbersome revisions.

Plug and Play

Venzee easily integrates completely with Bed Bath & Beyond and other retailers, removing product setup inefficiencies, reducing manual processes and eliminating errors.
"Venzee has provided us with a great product syndication tool and gives our customers a sense of professionalism in regard to our product content management.  I am thankful that we found Venzee and I am looking forward to the increasing opportunities that Venzee will help us take advantage of."
– Robert Andris, Avondale Decor

What Venzee does for vendors

Imports product data from your everyday formats (CSV, XLS, etc.)
Automatically updates product information with each import
Keeps up to date with all Bed Bath & Beyond requirements
Eliminates errors from manually-entered product information
Gets products to digital storefronts like Bed Bath & Beyond faster than ever before

Venzee helps companies in over 100 countries automate their manual data management, saving thousands of hours. Join them.

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