2 Major Updates Guaranteed To Improve Your Workflow in Venzee

We’re always excited to announce updates that directly impact user experience in the Venzee app, and these two incredible updates will make you say “Woohoo!”

1. We’ve redesigned product imports!

Importing products is the first step to getting your products to every place you sell them. Now, you can import products in FEWER STEPS and that's beautiful!

Import products easier in Venzee's redesigned interface.

Importing products looks a lot like exporting products

We’ve restructured the flow for importing products into Venzee so that it resembles the flow for exporting products to your sales channels. The goal was to make the process for importing products and spreadsheets into Venzee more intuitive.

See Your Progress

We’ve consolidated the entire import flow onto one page with clear modules for each step. While the questions that guide you through an import are the same, now, you have fewer, clearer steps to take to get your product data imported. The goal for this design update is to make each step easier to complete and understand.

How did we do? When you’re signed in to Venzee, click import in the side navigation to try it for yourself. ​

Find Import in the platform's left navigation

2. Search your list of attributes.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve delivered our Most Requested Feature!

Search product attributes in Venzee during the export mapping step

When you export products, mapping attributes is a key step that refers to associating the content from your list to correlating content in the template. Once you map your attributes, Venzee can transform your content into the correct format and automatically generate a list that meets the template requirements of your retailer or sales channel.

Mapping can be a bit daunting when you’ve got hundreds of attributes to parse through manually, so we’ve added a search bar to make it easier. Now, you can search attributes during the mapping step when you export products.

Full match or partial match

Standard search functionality lets you search partial or full phrases to find the exact attribute you’re looking for quicker. Partial match means that as you type in the search field, the list of attributes will narrow to those that match your entered search criteria. (We think you’ll love it.)

Display attributes that have 100% complete content

During a search, you can check a box to show only attributes where you have the data for all products. At times, incomplete data can prevent a successful export, so now you’ll know exactly what attributes are 100% complete before you map them to your template.

And that’s all for now! Two changes to make your work life easier. Tell us what you think.

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