6 Reasons You Should Automate Product Updates with Venzee

At every level of the digital supply chain (manufacturer, distributor, retailer, etc.), humans are still largely responsible for manual data entry— entering, adapting, formatting, sharing, and submitting product data manually. Wouldn't it make sense to automate this process? Now, you can. Venzee seamlessly connects the world’s largest retailers with their manufacturers and distributors to get products to market faster than ever before.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Venzee eliminates time spent on spreadsheets.

Manual data entry is no fun. It's inefficient, too. With Venzee, you can stop wasting admin hours on data entry and use the time to optimize your business instead.

2. Venzee helps grow your online business.

Two ways to grow your eCommerce revenue are to 1.) offer more SKUs or 2.) sell on more channels. Either option means more data and more time on spreadsheets. Venzee lets you do both with minimal impact on your time.

3. Venzee ensures your data is error-free.

More SKUs mean more manual data entry, which leads to more errors. The manual process doesn’t provide any way to fully validate your product information, which means you’re spending more time on submissions. Venzee validates submissions and identifies errors right away.

4. Venzee gets your products online faster.

Stop playing ping pong with your buyer. You won't have to redo submissions when you submit complete, accurate product data the first time. Venzee gives you more control over how quickly you get your products online.

5. Venzee helps you generate more revenue sooner.

Every week your products aren’t online costs you money. Think of it this way: if your annual revenue for a product is $50K, you lose $1,000 for every week that the product isn’t online. Venzee gets products to retailers faster, so they can get them online and in front of customers more quickly.

6. Venzee already works with your retailers.

Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Wayfair, Costco, Overstock, Shopify, and many more! We offer a growing list of 500+ retail channels. Check out our retail connections and get started today. 



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