Giant Art Scales Their Business With the Venzee Platform

“We were able to survive due to Venzee’s help. They saved the day by allowing us to expand to different channels.”

-Itzia D. Aubut, Business Development Director at Giant Art


Client Overview

Giant Art is a manufacturer of canvas items for art, creative images, and content. With multiple channels of distribution throughout the world, they continue to build on their reputation of providing curated quality work by the best artists, galleries, publishers, owners and creators of content.

Giant Art used Venzee to send product data to some of the largest retailers in the world, including: Lowes, Wayfair, Houzz, Home Depot, Amazon Vendor Central, Macys, and Fancy.


The Situation

Giant Art was struggling with the time, effort, and costs associated with manually distributing data to their retailers. As a small team, they had many other things to deal with and didn’t have time to manually input numbers and images - resulting in a loss of sales and revenue.

“We were doing everything manually - copying and pasting the product data to every single retailer. One image would create ten SKU’s. If we had to upload 70,000 images, we would have 700,000 SKU’s. That’s impossible for a human to do alone, but it’s possible with automation.”


Why Venzee?

Due to decreased sales from heightened competition, Giant Art needed to expand to more channels in order to survive. After some research, Venzee solved their most urgent problem of dealing with the vast amount of product data demanded from retailers. At only $250 per Mesh ConnectorTM, Venzee was the most affordable solution on the market.

“The team is extremely organized, very helpful, and a pleasure to collaborate with. They make it easy to understand all steps, provide a complete plan to move forward, are always on time, and are quick to understand the product. They made this experience flow smoothly and they are a fantastic team in every sense. They are experts in the industry.”



With Venzee, Giant Art was able to focus on growing their business, rather than dealing with the overwhelming amount of product data their retailers required. Giant Art reported a revenue increase attributed to a drastic increase in sales after using Venzee.

“It was the perfect solution for us. All of those things we had to do before, we didn’t have to anymore. Before it took forever to upload all the data into the retail channels. It’s not just populating the spreadsheets - there’s just so many aspects like back and forth communication and fixing errors. The never-ending process became just a 15-20 minute weekly call with Venzee.”


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