DecoTeak Spends 90% Less Time on Syndication with Venzee

“Working with Venzee, we now spend 1/10th the amount of time on syndication than we did before.”

-Adam Ryan, DecoTeak Analyst


About DecoTeak

DecoTeak offers one of the largest lines of teak shower benches in the industry. Regardless of style and taste, customers are sure to find a teak shower bench that fits perfectly with their bathroom decor.

DecoTeak sells on a wide range of retail sites, including Amazon, HomeRoots, NewEgg, Wayfair, and Bed Bath & Beyond. With such a unique product and design, it is important for DecoTeak to communicate all their product attributes to consumers through their different selling channels.

With Venzee, DecoTeak improved their brand image by providing more consistent product data across all retail channels - while eliminating wasted time manually plugging data into spreadsheets.


The Challenge

DecoTeak’s team was responsible for the tedious yet essential process of manually organizing and distributing their product data to their retail channels. This, however, meant that the company lacked the time to focus on business development and marketing.

When information is manually loaded onto a channel, there is greater chance of human error - information can be easily overlooked or submitted incorrectly. Manual product data distribution does not guarantee that consumers receive accurate, updated information when they make a purchase.

“Prior to Venzee, not only was our team overworked, but we were also dealing with fractured brand identity because our products would appear differently on different retailer websites.”


The Need For Efficient Distribution and Consistent Data

DecoTeak needed a solution that took this work off of their team’s shoulders, while also providing consistent and accurate product data on all retail channels.

When DecoTeak completed onboarding with Venzee, they no longer had to worry about inaccurate product data being sent to their retail channels. Venzee organized their data and syndicated it to DecoTeak’s retailers.

“Venzee is efficient and completes all the data requirements. Products appear the way we want them to on our retailer websites, and we can now retain consumers with a consistent brand image.”


The Solution

“Venzee catches many errors, like missing characters and digits and anything else that would bypass retail channels. This greatly helps consumers by making product information accurate and available. Consumers know exactly what they will get when they purchase a DecoTeak product.”

Hours of work were cut down to a mere 30 minutes a week with Venzee - saving DecoTeak 90% of the time they previously spent syndicating. DecoTeak could finally focus critical time on business development and customer service instead of manually plugging in product data for all their retail channels.

“The Venzee Platform preloads a lot of data. Venzee also deals with the troubleshooting and the back-and-forth, rather than having us handle it. This has been a tremendous help. If all the product information is ready, Venzee greatly expedites the syndication process.”


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