Enhanced Search and Replace Supports Bulk Editing

Venzee’s enhanced bulk search and replace tool helps you turn messy, inconsistent data from your suppliers into content that is consistent with your product catalog. Previously in Venzee, you could use the search and replace tool to fix mistakes in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, syntax, naming, etc., and now we’ve added a bulk option, so you can layer custom rules that transform your product information more efficiently.

Product data can be a challenging mess

Messy, inconsistent data is a common challenge for independent retailers and distributors. When your inventory includes products from multiple manufacturers and brands, you have to take the extra step of transforming the product content 1.) to meet data requirements of your end platform and 2.) to ensure that the content you add to your product catalog is cohesive and consistent with your brand. Venzee addresses both of those challenges, allowing you to spend less time turning the spreadsheets you receive from different manufacturers, vendors, or other suppliers (in the any number of formats they send them in) into a cohesive product catalog that’s always on brand. Venzee lets you focus on growth while reaping the benefits of clean, cohesive and consistent product information.

About the search and replace tool and how it's changed

Content transformation happens in the export step

First things first: Venzee’s search and replace tool is found in the export step. The export step is the third major (and final) step in Venzee--it is the part of the process where you map product attributes (which enables Venzee to transform product information to retailer requirements) and where you either submit your product content to your retailers and sales channels or you create a downloadable spreadsheet that’s ready to upload to your sales channel. The export step follows the steps where you 1.) import your product spreadsheet and 2.) after you add those products to a new or existing product list.

Enhanced search and replace functionality

Search and replace is an advanced tool that allows you to quickly search for and replace product content in a list. Primarily used to correct typos and to create uniform content across exports, search and replace enables users to search within an attribute for a value and replace any found values with a new value. Now, bulk search and replace enables users to layer rules, enhancing their ability to manipulate content and to do it more efficiently. Whenever you need to make a large number of changes to your data, you can bulk create search and replace rules for multiple attributes all in one view.

In the export step, you can start using bulk search and replace by opening the Search and Replace tool and clicking bulk create rules as shown below.

Find Bulk create rules in Venzee's advanced tools

‍Next, select your list, select your attribute, and start transforming your product content.

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