Expanding Our Network with the Venzee Certified Network Program

We’re making integration is simple as possible for trading partners at any and all points in the digital supply chain. Read on to find out more about our process.

Why we started the VCN program

In Q2 of 2019, we launched the Venzee Certified Network (VCN) program, which is designed to guide trading partners through Venzee’s implementation process. The program provides a clear path to full integration with Venzee’s intelligent content distribution platform and sets achievable markers for each stage of integration.

Too often integrating with a new platform for a lot of organizations is a resource-heavy endeavor that seems to have no end. Our goal is to avoid that all-too-common scenario and to keep partners from getting lost in processes by providing a clear integration guide that marks where and when they will see more value from the integration. The partners Venzee works with are all at various stages in their own technology development, so we plan implementation stages and timelines accordingly. Implementing new technology and coordinating development with an external product can be challenging, and it’s never ideal to have open projects drag on. With clear goals, timelines, and guidance set forth in our VCN program, we get our partners to see value from Venzee technology as quickly as possible.

President and CEO Peter MacKay said, “Venzee’s Mesh API connects content management systems to retailers, and the Venzee Certified Network program is our way of letting the market know that there is a clear process to what we’re selling. We recognize that we’re one of the first technology companies to offer true integration to retailers, and by being transparent about our process, we aim to instill confidence in our partners, prospects, and the clients they serve. Scalability is a key concern for most companies looking to distribute content out to multiple retail channels, and Venzee is prepared to show our partners exactly how we’ll achieve it.”

About Venzee

Venzee is an intelligent content distribution solution that eliminates inefficiencies in the digital supply chain by delivering consumer-ready product information to retailers via a peer-to-peer network. Powered by our core technology, Mesh, Venzee automates content exchange workflows that increase margins and accelerate revenue. Through a suite of products, Venzee provides customized solutions for enterprises of all sizes, meeting each client's desired level of sophistication and automation. Venzee operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing flexibility for enterprise customers of all sizes wishing to improve their digital supply chain solutions.

Overview of the VCN program and certifications

Venzee works with trading partners that distribute content and ingest content. The Venzee Certified Network is divided into two parts: 1.) content management providers (e.g., PIM, DAM, MDM, ERP, etc.) that are certified for product content distribution and 2.) retailers, marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, and other sales channels or endpoints that are certified for product content ingestion. A trading partner’s certification level correlates to its level of platform integration with Venzee and resultant increasing automation.

Content distribution certification for content management systems

Content distribution certification is designed for technology solutions that manage product content for clients (e.g., brands, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, etc.). The Venzee Certified Network program offers 6 levels of content distribution certification for content management providers.

Venzee enables content management systems to deliver complete, accurate content intelligently and efficiently for all of their clients. For these platforms, Venzee pulls in client product content, transforms it to meet endpoint requirements, and distributes it out to one or more retail channels.

  • Intelligent content distribution is efficient. Automating content distribution means clients’ products get to market faster, which maximizes revenue opportunities.
  • Product content is authentic and consistent. Automating distribution from a single source ensures that product content is consistent across all retail channels.
  • Intelligent content distribution is within reach. Venzee’s pure-play, API-driven solution lets content management platforms add cutting-edge content distribution functionality with minimal developer resources.

Content ingestion certification for retailers

Content ingestion certification is designed for retailers, marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, and other retail endpoints that receive product information from multiple sources (i.e., suppliers) and, potentially, in multiple formats. The Venzee Certified Network program offers 6 levels of content ingestion certification for retailers, marketplaces, and ecommerce platforms.

Venzee enables retailers to get complete, accurate product content efficiently. Venzee’s Mesh API integrates with retailer systems and the systems (e.g., PIM, DAM, ERP, MDM, etc.) that suppliers rely on to manage their product content.

  • Product content collection is efficient. Venzee’s system-to-system connectivity and workflow automation eliminate manual steps, reduce errors, and generally remove friction from the product content collection process.
  • Product content is accurate. Content control ensures that only authentic product content reaches end customers.
  • Product content is complete. Content is prevalidated against retailer requirements.

Digital supply networks and Venzee’s Mesh API

We’re solving retail’s data challenges with intelligent product content distribution made possible with end-to-end connectivity and automation powered by Venzee’s Mesh API. Retailers, suppliers, and the technology solutions they rely on require connectivity to overcome product data challenges and to scale product data flow to meet the growing needs of digital retail. As Venzee continues to expand its network of certified content management systems and endpoints, we’re becoming even more adept at distributing content efficiently, and elegantly for all of commerce.

Intelligent product content distribution is within reach. Speak to us today to learn more about becoming Venzee certified.

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