Google Launches Shopping Insights

On Tuesday, October 20th Google launched a new tool for retailers. The tool shows where, when, and how people are searching for products.Their intention is for retailers to further understand consumer behavior and make better decisions around their marketing and inventory strategies.

According to their release: “87% of shopping research happens online, 92% of goods are still sold in retail stores.”

While looking at product interest by city and time, retailers can identify trends in search queries and make changes to their business accordingly. Check out an example about Black Friday and consoles last year:

This is powerful stuff when it comes to your business, particularly inventory and local demand. Whether you are a manufacturer needing to send inventory to your local markets, or a retailer looking for the closest inventory, Google Shopping Insights can help.

If you are running AdWords campaigns, use this tool to keep on top of real time data to customize your campaigns for when your customers are searching. That will save you money and increase your ROI.

Improving the way your business handles product information will set your business apart and help you scale.


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