Improved Product Handling in Studio with Special Character Support

We’ve enhanced product handling capabilities in Studio, Venzee’s web-based platform for managing product information, with support for special characters. Now, users can import, search, manipulate, and export product data that contains special characters without errors.

If you’re a Studio user, you may have found yourself running into errors related to special characters while importing spreadsheets, exporting products, or even searching for products. In our latest release, Studio fully supports special characters. With new special character support, you’ll be spending less time preparing product data sheets and can move on to the step of exporting products faster.

What are special characters?

The term special characters refers to any character that is not alphabetic or numeric. Essentially, special characters are the characters that sit above the numbers on the number row of your keyboard--the ones you use keyboard shortcuts to type (e.g., é, &, ü, $ and ç).

Why special character support matters

Previously in Studio, users had to remove special characters from product data before uploading or importing it into Venzee. If product data contained any special characters, users would see an error while importing or exporting it. Now, imports and exports run more smoothly and users can even search product data for special characters (and replace existing content with content that contains special characters) using Studio’s search tools.

We’re continually striving to improve user experience in Studio, and, by adding full support for special characters, we’ve not only improved how users import data into Studio, but also addressed a few outstanding user-reported bugs related to the mapping step for product attributes during an export.

While this change isn’t a particularly noticeable one (which is one of the reasons we’re writing this post), you’ll know it’s doing its job when you don’t have to think about special characters while using Studio.

Where will users see the most impact?

We’ve identified four areas where special character support will impact users most:

  • Importing product information - Users can now import a product list that contains slashes “/”, parenthesis “(“, or any other special characters in product identifiers, attribute fields, and product information.
  • Exporting product information - Users can now export a product list that contains special characters.
  • Searching product information - Users can search product information using a query that contains special characters.
  • Handling foreign languages - Users can manage a product list that contains content in languages that have been encoded using special characters.

Special character support enhances user experience for all of our Studio users. If you’re receiving product data that contains foreign languages or special characters, you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning up product sheets before you’re able to import your product information into Studio successfully.

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