How to Spend 90% Less Time on Product Data Syndication

The Venzee platform automates product data transfer to hundreds of global retailers, providing a simple syndication solution that increases speed to market and guarantees accuracy of product data across all selling channels.

How does Venzee help brands and manufacturers cut costs and save time on syndication?

Automatically upload product data to all of your selling channels. No more manual product submissions. Venzee automates product content organization, transformation and delivery to your selling channels.

Accelerate time to site with automation. Artificial intelligence completes error checking and validation for you, getting your products live to site 90% faster. No more back & forth communication with retailers and distributors.

Level up with intelligent content control. Simulate digital marketplace environments to show exactly how content will look when it goes live. Receive automatic updates when errors occur or retailer requirements change so product content is always consistent and up-to-date. 


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