Use Case: Send To Venzee

I recommend Venzee to everyone. This has been a game changer for us as we finally have a strategy (and some cost certainty!) for growth.

Cabe and Jenna Berman, founders of Edge of Space.

We work with twenty-four different vendors that ship orders on our behalf to our customers. Twenty-two of these vendors send us spreadsheets via email and two have us download spreadsheets from an FTP server which is okay except it’s often unavailable. We have two stores on the Shopify platform.

We use the dynamic record and integration features on Venzee to create and add products to our store. This has turned out to be a huge time saver for us as we’re able to pick and choose the information from our vendors that we want to include and add our own content. We can do this on a one by one basis or in bulk, so we can crank through hundreds of products at one time which makes it quick to add new product lines.

The Send to Venzee feature closed the loop for us. We gave the email address for our Venzee account, to our vendors, and their spreadsheets, images and spec sheets started showing up. It works well because we’re notified of anything new that arrives and the notification includes the email message from the vendor.

Improving the way your business handles product information will set your business apart and help you scale.

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