Venzee Studio Adds New, Simple Messaging Feature for Manufacturers

Venzee Studio adds a new, simple messaging feature, so manufacturers, brands and distributors can bulk message retailers.

Announcing Venzee Studio’s bulk messaging tool

Streamlining the tools you use everyday is essential to growing your ecommerce business, and managing email communications can be a huge time suck. For manufacturers, distributors, vendors, and brands sharing new product sheets in Venzee, this often means sending an accompanying email to let retailers know what’s changed and why it matters to them or, alternatively, replying the deluge of retailer emails asking the same questions about the new product sheet.

Based on user feedback, we’ve added a new bulk messaging tool to Venzee Studio, the web application, so manufacturers, vendors, distributors, and brands can notify retailers in bulk whenever there is a message they’d like to share with all of their retailers.

Find the new Send Announcement button where you find notifications, in the upper right of the dashboard.

The messaging system leverages Venzee’s existing notifications system and allows users to manage simple text messages or short notifications from the dashboard. When vendors send a message from their Venzee dashboard, retailers will receive notifications both in their Venzee retailer dashboard and by email.

The bulk messaging feature enables vendors to do the following:

  • Send simple text messages
  • Add catchy a subject line
  • Segment recipients by retailers who have access to a particular list

Why do manufacturers, vendors, and brands need a simple bulk messaging tool anyway?

Bulk messaging in Venzee offers a simple fix for a typically complex process. Let’s say you have a new product launching in the upcoming season and want to pass along some important information to your retailers. Previously, you’d have to exit Venzee, log into your email, pull up the contact information for all affected retailers, draft your message, revise, attach relevant files, and send (and hope that you don’t get distracted by other emails).

Now, via the bulk messaging tool, you can do all of that from one platform. From your dashboard, click the send announcement button, select your retailer list and start your message. Your retailers will receive your message on their dashboard and, for users who’ve enabled email notifications, via email. Retailers who’ve disabled email notifications in their user settings won’t receive these announcements via email, but they will see them in their Venzee retailer dashboard.

Here’s how to start using bulk messaging:

  1. From your vendor dashboard, click the “Send Announcement” button to launch the announcement form popup.
  2. Enter the subject line.
  3. Select the desired retail group from the dropdown menu. To manage groups, click “Manage Retailers” in the left navigation.
  4. Add message text (up to 2000 characters).
  5. Click the “Send” button.
Use the popup form to send simple text messages to retailers group by list product list.

Bulk messaging is a way for vendors to send quick, to-the-point announcements to a group of retailers at once. Example scenarios include alerting retailers to new or discontinued products, announcing upcoming product catalogs, sharing promotional codes, or answering questions you’re getting asked by multiple retailers.

Which users are impacted?

Currently, the bulk messaging tool supports single-direction messaging from vendor-to-retailers. We are, however, open to learning more from users on how retailer-to-vendor messaging might be used, so we can consider offering the same functionality to all Venzee Studio users.

While manufacturers, distributors, and brands might not need to pair every new product sheet update with a message to their retailers, sending supplementary information via a simple text message directly from the dashboard is simple functionality that can save loads of time.

Venzee gives you the tools you need to simplify your day-to-day, so you can work smarter and focus energy on improving your business.

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