Accelerating the trade of products since 2014

Positioned to revolutionize how the entire digital supply chain exchanges product content.

Over 2600 retailer templates

Network of over 100k

Dedicated development since 2014

5 active partnerships

What we’re solving

A large majority of the digital retail space is running on technology and manual processes that have been around for over two decades. Online retail is growing, and, with consumers demanding better quality information at an increasing rate, brands, manufacturers, retailers and the technology solutions they rely on to control the chaos are struggling to keep up, let alone grow.

The product content problem is a big one (Inaccurate product information costs companies several billions annually (CrowdAnalytix)). The methods that worked in the past, aren’t effective or efficient enough anymore.

Venzee replaces manual steps with technology. We’re building the most intelligent, advanced and automated solutions for content distribution.

Our leadership

We’re a diverse and talented team that keeps on growing. We work from all over the world with our home office based in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Peter MacKay

President & CEO

Peter is an experienced executive with an entrepreneurial mindset.

His proven track record of building and growing successful technology businesses includes 20 years of experience, two successful exits, and a public listing.

His previous company, Expert Agent, is the leading real estate SaaS solution in the UK with 14,000+ realtors and almost 9 million home buyers as clients. Peter lives in Vancouver with his family.

Issa Nakhleh


Mr. Nakhleh recently served as CFO of UrtheCast, where he helped grow the company from 15 employees to over 200 with offices worldwide. He worked extensively to take UrtheCast from a small private company to a senior TSX listed firm.

Mr. Nakhleh holds an MBA from Warwick Business School in the UK along with his professional accounting designation.

Markus Westerholtz


Markus has been a driving force behind modernizing Venzee’s technology stack, improving development processes and practices.

Previously, Markus was a Team Lead & Software Architect at Copperleaf Technologies, a decision analytic company for managing critical infrastructure and Team Lead and the Software Architect at MediaValet, a SAS DAM provider.

Katrin Newell

VP Technology

Katrin brings over 20 years of experience in SaaS and the IT industry, including product management and team management.

She was a supply chain ERP consultant at IBM Global Business Services and has held product-relevant roles at ICBC and Navarik, where she built out business critical workflow systems that are currently in use in the global oil and gas industry.

John Abrams

VP Partner Development

John brings more than two decades of experience building high-volume, consumer-relevant digital supply chains in regulated and globally distributed industries.

His work with brands including the McDonald’s Corp. and Cardinal Health helped reduce cost, improve processes and transform the customer experience on a global scale.

Peter Montross

VP Enterprise Business

Peter brings over 20 years of experience in the retail industry, delivering strong revenue performance and growth.

He has extensive sales experience and success with software-as-a-service content exchange solutions, business intelligence products and product information management software products and services.


We’re a diverse and talented team that keeps on growing. We work from five continents around the world with our home office based in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

We run like a startup — we’re a tight-knit group that runs as lean as we can.

Our culture is simple. We live by three values: happy, hungry, and humble. We want each person on our team to be happy to come to work and happy to go home at the end of the day; hungry to grow, learn, and to be great and whatever you do; and humble to receive feedback–real team players. We’ve got big goals–none of us can do this alone, and we should have fun doing it.

How we got here

Venzee was founded as a technology solution for independent retailers. Now, it’s positioned to revolutionize how the entire digital supply chain exchanges product content.

April 2019

  • Closed $2.0M private placement
  • Released Mesh API 2.0
  • Completed first integration with product information management (PIM) channel partner and commenced on-boarding clients

December 2018

  • Closed $1.5M private placement

April 2018

  • Signed first channel partner

March 2018

  • Advanced/pursued enterprise channel partner strategy

January 2018

  • Started trading publicly on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) under the symbol VENZ on January 5, 2018.


  • Expanded product suite with launch of Autopilot, Mesh API and Developers Portal.
  • Collaborated with Wayfair to improve the quality of product submissions by suppliers.


  • Customers in 50+ countries.
  • Released powerful data transformation engine – Venzee released collaboration-based, content-rich exports, which detect vendor changes and update automatically.
  • Industry Investment Round – Venzee announced a private investment round backed by industry professionals and private investors from Amazon, Google, YouTube and PwC.
  • Pilot Distributor Added – Anheuser-Busch added their distributor network in Mexico to Venzee as a pilot territory.
  • Software beta release.


  • CIX (Canadian Innovation Exchange) Top 20 Program Winner
  • Successful Seed Raise of $1.6M
  • Generator Challenge 2015-16 Winner (Vancouver)


  • Top graduate at 500 Startups (San Francisco and Mexico City).
  • Founded by Kate Hiscox, Marco Sylvestre and Xin Huang on Jan 6, 2014.