This latest release we’ve focused on the ability to create a new collection of records from data already stored on Venzee. This includes:

  • Create a collection from a selection of records from an existing collection
  • Create a collection from search results
  • Clone an existing collection
  • And more!

This will empower you to work smarter by taking sections of data that already exist, and create custom collections. You can still update a specific record across multiple collections by performing a global update. Note: You can only perform a global update on one item to all collections.

We have added all the necessary functionality around this feature, but if you see something you’d like to add, please email us at

Display data sorted by ID


Fresh out of the requests bin, we have released the functionality to sort your data by the unique ID defined during creation of your collection.

This is a big step forward, as soon you will also be able to sort your data by the rest of the columns in your collection. Keep an eye here on the blog for more!

We have also implemented fixes for minor bugs, and performance enhancements.

This update is for version 2.4.58