Venzee allows you to create and update collections of data, with thousands of records, via API or spreadsheet upload. For added flexibility, you can add new records directly on Venzee using our dynamic forms.

How does that work if you have tons of collections of data, all from different sources, all with different structures?


When you add a new record using our online form, you’ll first select your data collection. The form that appears will be specific to that collection with the appropriate fields contained in your collection. If you add or remove attributes for your collection, Venzee re-builds your form so its always current.

Here are two great step by step instructions on how to easily upload a product record using our online form:

  1. Knowledge base tutorial
  2. Video tutorial

And don’t forget, every record you’ve added to Venzee can be edited directly too.

Dynamic forms were part of our 2.2.4 release and makes product information management a breeze for your supply chain.

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