I’ve built, operated and sold two online stores during the past ten years and had the pleasure of selling some great products from suppliers and manufacturers across the US and Canada.

What wasn’t so great, were the spreadsheets they sent or made available to us when we started doing business with them. After that we received more spreadsheets with updates to inventory, pricing, notices of discontinued products and all kinds of important product information. They also sent beautiful product and merchandising images. 3000 x 2000 pixels seemed to be the norm with a file size of 3-5MB.

About as far from web ready as you can get!

Our e-Commerce stores did not integrate with the 50+ companies whose products we sold. The spreadsheets they sent us, could not be imported into our system without labor intensive changes to make the data compatible with our e-Commerce solution. We estimated that we spent 6 minutes, per row, for each spreadsheet we received. Turning each row of product data into something meaningful and compatible. 6 minutes! Do the math!

If a company is using spreadsheets to share its inventory quantities and shipment dates, this means real-time is not an option. e-Commerce stores like mine continue to sell products, even when they have products which are out of stock, or even discontinued! This means constant calls from customers about the status of their order; and constant calls from retailers to the supplier about inbound shipment dates.

And what about the big guys like Walmart and the Sears and the Amazon? They deal with spreadsheets like the rest of the industry, except their size and scale enables them to set the format for importing data. Do they care about the labor and time it takes the majority of their supply chain to create a file that can be imported into stores like Walmart? Perhaps. Enough to allow their supply chain to upload anything without modification to make the file ‘Walmart ready’? No.

Overall, it’s a manual process, which is broken and Venzee is going to fix it!

Venzee provides all parties in the supply chain with valuable, real-time integration. Our ability to transform massive amounts of data into any format required means that suppliers and retailers can meet the demands of channel distribution, from Walmart to eBay.

This allows the supply chain to communicate in real-time, even if the source of inbound data is a spreadsheet and the destination for outbound data is SAP, Amazon or Magento.

I would have broke down and cried if a robust, easy to use, affordable solution was available when I was importing products into my stores. I could have grown my store by adding more product lines and used the time I spent converting rows and rows of data on marketing and customer support.

This is how Venzee came about. I’d use Venzee and I’d pay for Venzee and we hope you feel the same way as we do!