The easiest way to connect to retailers

Venzee works with partners to connect PIM, DAM, MDM, EDI, and other content management systems to retailers via API integration.

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Problem: Consumer demand for up-to-date product information is increasing.

Venzee connects you and your customers to retailers, marketplaces and ecommerce platforms. It’s a unified interface over your entire data exchange ecosystem built to deliver content as efficiently as possible, adapting to all formats and requirements throughout your digital supply network.

Solution: Venzee provides integrated data distribution.

Venzee’s integrated content distribution capabilities enable our partners to syndicate content across multiple sales channels quickly, with less effort and minimal developer resources.

Why Partner with Venzee

Less friction, more sales

Venzee’s content distribution solution re-imagines digital supply networks — with product content instantly available at any point of the product content journey — enabling more dynamic global trade, instant product recall, increased consumer engagement and frictionless sale of goods.

All distribution channels

Venzee’s ability to integrate with any distributor or retailer gives you the advantage of offering clients an infinite variety of content distribution channels, seamlessly.

Automated data processes

Venzee’s API-based solution allows for true workflow integration — from origin to destination — removing product setup inefficiency, reducing manual processes and eliminating human error.

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