Venzee has been burning the midnight oil to make your life easier and spreadsheet-free. This year’s NRF takeaway was simple: omnichannel is impossible without back office efficiency, namely, product information management (PIM). As long as 90% of suppliers and manufacturers still use spreadsheets to share information about their products with their retailers, we have a problem.

We are proud to announce that BuildaBazaar merchants can now use Venzee’s BuildaBazaar template to create engaging, dynamic records that are compatible with the BuildaBazaar eCommerce platform.   

How Venzee helps BuildaBazaar merchants go spreadsheet-free:

Step 1: Sign Up Is Free

Sign up is super easy and takes just a few seconds. Your credit card stays in your wallet.  Once completed, get your product data ready for importing to Venzee. This is the Source Data your manufacturer or supplier sent you. Done? Let’s move on.

How do I import data into Venzee?
How do suppliers share data with their retailers via Venzee?

Step 2: Select The BuildaBazaar Template

Once you’ve uploaded your product information go to Dynamic Data and click the Add+ button. This green button takes you to our Template Library. When you get there, locate and select the BuildaBazaar template. Make sure you click Next afterwards.

How do I create a template?

Step 3: Map Attributes to Fields

Map the attributes in your Source Data(name, size etc) and match them with the fields in your BuildABazaar template. Advanced capabilities include the ability to create tables, do math, and adjust the visual layout with padding. You can also generate entirely new content by combining your data with the template’s fields. This entire process works on products in bulk. No more fussing with single products one at a time. You’re saving a lot of time!

How do I create a Dynamic Collection?
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Step 4: Generate

Once you click “Generate” Venzee creates a version of your data that’s fully compatible with BuildaBazaar. The new BuildaBazaar-ready products are located on the Dynamic Data page (your original data is under Source Data). Export, select a format, and Venzee will send you the download link. You’re done!

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Venzee-Powered Dynamic Data!

Now you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Whenever someone (you, your supply chain, a team member) makes an update to your original source data your new dynamic, BuildaBazaar-compatible products are updated as well! No additional work for anyone!

Get Started!

Want to Instantly Add Products and Updates to BuildaBazaar Without Spreadsheets? It's Possible With Venzee!

Get Started!
Whenever someone makes an update to your Source Data, your new BuildaBazaar-compatible products, a.k.a. Dynamic Data, are updated as well!

About BuildaBazaar

With over 15,000 online merchants feature-rich BuildaBazaar is India’s largest eCommerce platform. We’re excited about working with an eCommerce platform dedicated to answering the rising demand for online shopping and look forward to a prosperous win-win relationship!