We’re always working night and day to bring you a new and improved Venzee!

Recent improvements have been made to the Venzee Inbox, the Connectivity page, and the export feature. We have also resolved a few issues.

What’s new and improved at Venzee:

  • Product Export: While setting up your export, preview fields now have a gray background.
  • Venzee Inbox: Venzee Inbox files are now sorted by date.
  • Billing: Users who successfully upgrade their plan during export will now receive a confirmation message.

Issues resolved:

  • Updated icon for adding padding to fields during export.
  • Resolved an issue regarding the completion percentage for images.
  • Resolved Shopify issues related to inventory and variant position.
  • Resolved minor issues on the export setup page.
  • Minor content updates.

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Stay tuned for more news about Venzee and how you and your supply chain can go spreadsheet-free!