Better data from your suppliers

Retail is limited by manual content handling and demand for content is increasing. How do you plan to adapt? There’s an easier way for retailers to get content that’s complete and accurate from suppliers at scale. It begins with Venzee certification.

Lower cost of SKU acquisition

Get new products online faster

Improved quality of product content

Spend less on product returns

Leverage our network to get better* product content from your suppliers.
*Better = Efficient, accurate, fast, automated, to your exact requirements.

Inaccurate product information is a huge cost for retailers with 40% or more of returns caused by mismatched descriptions, color, size or images (CrowdANALYTIX). Mistakes are largely the result of human error and are driven by the lack of scalable, efficient content delivery technology. As the market grows, this problem will grow with it.

See products go live faster when you join our network of over 100,000 brands, manufacturers and distributors.

Reduce the extra steps and manual work of collecting and processing product content and images.

Venzee prevalidates data submissions from your suppliers before sending them to your system, so your content team receive product content that’s ready for consumers every time.

Stay competitive. Save resources.

Incentivize your suppliers with a simpler submission process that adapts to your requirements as they change. Suppliers get all the information they need with less back and forth, saving you time and money.

Build more engaging customer experiences

When data is shared across whole supply networks seamlessly, retailers, suppliers, and technology providers can collaborate to improve brand experiences across the entire customer journey more urgently than ever before.

You could be getting better quality content from suppliers faster

By becoming Venzee-certified, you can immediately leverage connections to our global network of brands and trading partners already taking the steps to improve the quality of their product content. Are you ready to demonstrate your commitment to a more streamlined and efficient content submission process for your suppliers?

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Is your product content collection process outdated? Today retailers rely too much on manual processes, error resolution is inefficient and suppliers struggle with the submission process.