We’re thrilled to announce the release of Send to Venzee which assigns a dedicated email address to all company accounts registered on venzee.com. If you’re already signed up to Venzee, you’ll see your freshly baked Send to Venzee email address on the top right of your dashboard.

How does Send to Venzee work?

  1. Share your email address with the companies that send you files including spreadsheets.
  2. We’ll notify you as emails arrive into your Venzee account including any message contained in the email and links to any file attachment(s). 
  3. Supported file formats (CSV, XLS, XLSX) are automatically stored and displayed under the Send to Venzee section of the Data Source tab when you import data.
  4. All other file attachments are available in the notification (see #2).

And that’s it!

Send to Venzee works great for a wide array of use cases but in particular for retailers who work with a large number of suppliers and manufacturers and have to deal with spreadsheets landing in their crowded inbox all day. 

Send to Venzee lets retailers turn their inbound spreadsheets into store and sales channel updates in minutes. And this is just the beginning!

The Send to Venzee feature was requested and designed by our customers and we’re thrilled to roll it out so quickly. 

Send to Venzee is available on all of our packages including our forever free plan.

New to Venzee? Get started free and take the first step towards unified commerce!