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See how our clients use Venzee to automate their digital supply chains.

From enterprise distributors to nationwide retailers

ELK Group International has eliminated the delay of manual data entry by giving independent retailers a tool for automated product content transformation.

Venzee technology helps retailers automatically transform our product data into compatible updates for the ecommerce and point-of-sale systems. This means our products reach the market fast, eliminating revenue delays and allowing our retailers to expand the range of products they offer.
- Cindy Fogarty, ELK Group International

Trans Globe Lighting has strengthened relationships with retailers by always having high-quality product data in the right format.

The whole process has helped retailers like Wayfair rethink how they get our data. We're able to communicate in a different way because of Venzee.
- John Wiedenmann, Trans Globe Lighting

Euro Style automatically turns product data from manufacturers around the world into content-rich product submissions that meet retailer requirements.

Considering we work with over 30 factories in six countries, Venzee is a valuable addition to our business; we are sure that the elimination of labor-intensive and costly spreadsheets will result in a quick return of investment.
- Victor Pontis, Euro Style

Venue at Home integrates product data from manufacturers around the globe and turns it into an always up-to-date cohesive product catalog.

Venzee has allowed us to leverage our relationships with trading partners and sell to a nationwide audience with almost 50,000 products online. Venzee is the missing link between messy data and a professional, organized online catalog.
- Jackie Lopey, Venue at Home

Avondale Decor has accelerated the process of getting products to market with Venzee’s direct data integration to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Venzee has provided us with a great product syndication tool that gives our customers a sense of professionalism in regard to our product content management.
- Robert Andris, Avondale Decor

Sophisticated Lighting keeps product inventory current on its Shopify-based store with Venzee’s direct data integration.

We could not keep up with the inventory changes. Venzee was a major game changer. The staff at Venzee have bent over backwards to help me with whatever concern I have. Whatever help I need...they provide.
- Karleen Dumaine, Sophisticated Lighting

Trans Globe Lighting has been using Venzee to automate submissions to big-box retailers, such as Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon.

Before Venzee, we used to fill out custom Excel files for every retailer to their required specifications. That was a lengthy process as, without a universal template, we had to create a different template for each manufacturer.
- John Wiedenmann, Trans Globe Lighting

Korbet Blue has been able to solely focus on business growth due to automation powered by Venzee.

Venzee is our right hand that's always there to handle inventory, saving us a massive amount of time. The time savings has turned into money savings. Using Venzee has been the best decision we have made and enabled us the freedom to spend more time on other areas of our business.
- Renee Breen, Korbet Blue

ELK Group International has increased its revenue by getting products to market faster than ever before.

With Venzee, inventory updates and new SKUs reach the marketplace in seconds, which means revenue, fast.
- Cindy Fogarty, ELK Group International
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