Enterprise retailers do business with thousands of suppliers. Typically, a small number of these suppliers will represent the majority of the products that the retailer sells and are enterprise companies themselves. In most cases, a system integration will exist between the retailer and these suppliers. They also likely use a specific data format – for example, GS1 is used to ensure compatibility.

But what about the rest of the suppliers that represent the majority of the companies that retailers purchase from?

A common approach by retailers is to create and maintain a portal for suppliers to upload a spreadsheet. The columns and value types that the spreadsheet must contain are determined by the retailer. This ensures that product information uploaded via the portal can flow into the retailers’ system(s).

The problem is, the type of spreadsheet that doesn’t look like anything the suppliers’ system(s) can export. So the supplier is required to prepare the spreadsheet for import. A process that can be labour intensive and often results in human error.

The majority of portals don’t allow for system integration by the supplier and for those that do, data transformation still needs to occur to create ‘export ready’ data that meets the requirements of the retailer.

“Getting into Walmart, you’d think, is like winning the lottery. The problem is, we’ve only managed to add two products to their system in weeks. We simply don’t have the time and the bandwidth between their requirements and supporting our hundreds of other retail partners that sell a great deal of our products too. It’s frustrating.”

So what’s the answer? Make Venzee your portal for suppliers.

Features include:

  • Your suppliers can upload a spreadsheet that they exported from their own system(s). The only required field is a product ID which your supplier determines.
  • Coming soon: either you or your supplier can transform their data and images, creating records that are compatible with your system(s).
  • You and your suppliers can integrate directly with Venzee, creating real-time data flow.
  • Your portal is managed and maintained by Venzee, resulting in a resource reduction for your IT team.
  • The status of your portal is always available. Should an issue occur, your IT team will be alerted via the method of their choice including SMS.

Sign up or contact the Venzee Sales team to learn more at 1-877-804-8242 or sales@venzee.com.