Weaving Product Information into Exports

Omni channel and today’s supply chain require speed and data fluidity. When we started architecting Venzee, we realized we could eliminate the ‘PIM’ step from our customers workflow by weaving data and content directly into exports.
Kate Hiscox, CEO


Product information, like inventory, is always on the move. Typically, it starts out life in a repository like a database, ERP or WMS (Warehouse Management System) and is destined for hundreds or even thousands of supply chain partners or retailers.

When we started building Venzee, we realized the last thing our customers needed was another repository so we focused on weaving data straight from customer repositories into a feature rich export flow.

This is approach is a win for customers because it reduces workload by removing an unnecessary step in their workflow.

"Product information in a PIM or ERP goes stale, fast. Keeping data on the move, keeps it fresh and accurate."

Edgar Sanchez, Unilever

Typical industry workflow (PIM)
A smarter alternative to a PIM solution


Content is a key part of the product information journey and suppliers and manufacturers have to deal with lots of different requirements for big retail.

A PIM solution is useful for creating and storing content but this content doesn’t meet the marketing or system requirements of the retailers or supply chain partners it’s destined for.

Weaving product information directly into exports, lets teams work smarter and keeps product information error free and up to date.


On Venzee, the product information journey starts with our unique import flow where the only requirement for product information is that each product has a unique ID, for example a SKU or UPC – or is a variant of another product.

This means Venzee can speak the language of any database, ERP, WMS or PIM. Trading partners typically push information into Venzee through our customer branded portals via API, integration or format free flat files (CSV, XLS, XLSX and XML), delivered via FTP or email. 

Venzee also works in reverse where product information imported to Venzee, can be made available to trading partners including real-time update notifications, delivered via webhooks or email. 

Data transformation for Wayfair
Content rich, dynamic exports


On Venzee, the functions you typically find in a PIM solution reside as features in our export flow where we’ve wrapped a clean and simple user experience around one of the most powerful data transformation engines in the industry.

Teams work with multiple sets of product information to do things like combine inventory at multiple locations, generate categories, catch ship weight inconsistencies, build specification lists and create content. Exports built on Venzee are dynamic, updating automatically as changes are detected at the source.

Like everything at Venzee, our export flow is built on top of a robust, REST API. Developers can test and deploy structural templates, business rules and data validation for end users to quickly get up and running