Are you a CoreCommerce merchant frustrated with wasting valuable time fighting with spreadsheets to update your store? Do you wonder why you’re struggling with old-school technology when there’s so much innovation going on around you? I mean, it’s 2016, right? Why are we working like it’s the 90s?

Meet Venzee.  Cloud-based Product Information Management (PIM) smart enough for the 21st century!

Venzee gives eCommerce merchants the ability to create and update product records without the use of spreadsheets!

If you’re reading this and you’re a CoreCommerce merchant you’re done working with spreadsheets. Creating and/or updating product information is going to be both faster and easier with Venzee! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Join Venzee
Leave your credit card in your wallet and sign up for Venzee in just a few seconds. Like with any other service, we’ll ask you to build both your profile and your company’s. Now it’s time to upload your data! 

How do I import data into Venzee?
How do suppliers share data with their retailers via Venzee?

Step 2: The Core Commerce Template
Once you’ve successfully imported your data, go to Dynamic Data and click the “Add” button. You should see your Core Commerce template waiting for you in our Template Library.  Select it and click Next.

How do I create a template?

Step 3: Have Fun Mapping!
Ok, you’re signed up, uploaded your data to Venzee and picked up the CoreCommerce template. Follow the instructions to link your Source Data with the new dynamic collection you’re about to create. Now it’s time to map the attributes in your data (name, size, etc.) with the fields in your CoreCommerce template. This is where you can do some fancy stuff, if you want. Add padding, make tables, and do math calculations. Venzee even allows you to create shiny new content by combining your source data with your template’s fields and directly typing in new content. This is a quick process because you’re working on bulk records!

How do I create a Dynamic Collection?
How do I import images into Venzee?

Step 4: Transform
Make sure you’ve completed all the required fields. Once you’re ready, go ahead and hit that “Generate” button!

In a flash Venzee turns your Source Data (original info you first uploaded) into reloaded, dynamic product records that are fully compatible with the CoreCommerce platform. Get the download link in your email by clicking “Export” and selecting the format of your choice.

Congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Experience The Venzee Magic
Whenever you, your supply chain, a team member, anyone at all, makes a change to the Source Data, the new dynamic product records linked to them are automatically updated as well! No more spreadsheets!

Get Started!

Burned-out from fighting with spreadsheets to update CoreCommerce?

Get Started!
Creating product records that work with CoreCommerce is a piece of cake. Don’t waste one more day nail biting over spreadsheets!

About CoreCommerce

Nashville based CoreCommerce started in 2001 and now serves thousands of clients around the world with $1.2 billion in transactions. They offer multi-language and currency support as well as a ton of terrific integrations at no extra cost to merchants. We’re enthusiastic about having the opportunity to work with a successful eCommerce platform like CoreCommerce and look forward to a profitable win-win relationship!