As a manufacturer there are so many things that are must-haves to sell your product. Retailers like are always asking for more data, more accuraccy, and more updates.

Spending time in spreadsheets manipulating data shouldn’t be a constant necessity. If a retailer wants data in a certain format, shouldn’t that be easy?

Enter Venzee.

When you send your product info through Venzee, we ensure that it’s being sent in the correct data schema, and without errors.

Venzee has all 11 (that’s right, eleven) different formats that requires for your product data. If you sell with, Venzee will match your product info to any of the 11 different requirements they have.

You’ll be happy because you will be spending less time in spreadsheets, and will like you because they always get accurate product info from you. is smarter home improvement. You can have smarter product data with Venzee.

Welcome to the world of #nomorespreadsheets