Join retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Home Depot to start getting content from your suppliers faster.

The product data required for retail is increasing in volume and velocity. When you add Venzee, you can replace manual processes with intelligent, automated workflows built to adapt and scale.

Leverage our network of 100k brands

Earn more revenue

Flexible, scalable

Build on existing solutions

Venzee certification for retailers.
Streamlined, elegant connectivity lowers costs and increases revenue

Venzee simplifies life for brands by enabling them to deliver content from a single source of truth to more sales channels accurately and with less manual effort and allocated labor.

Retailers see immediate and significant value from Venzee. As brands improve the quality of their product content and their processes for managing it, value cascades to the retailer level. When retailers receive complete content that matches their requirements they can phase out fragmented content handling processes.

The benefits of Venzee certification

Easy to get started

The path to certification begins with Venzee understanding how you receive information from your suppliers. At no cost to you, and no contract.

See better quality product content from your suppliers

Once you’re a certified retailer, you’ll start receiving data from our global network of brands, even at our entry level certification. Since we’ve partnered with leading content management solutions, many of your suppliers will already be in our network.

Transition to intelligent, automated workflows

As you progress through our certification levels, Venzee helps you replace manual processes with intelligent, automated workflows that work with your existing system or portal.

Certification demonstrates your commitment to a more streamlined and efficient content submission process for your suppliers.

By becoming Venzee-certified, you can immediately leverage connections to our global network of brands and trading partners already taking the steps to improve the quality of their product content.

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