Product Attributes: The Foundation of the Digital Supply Chain

Why are product attributes important?

Thanks to e-commerce and the digitization of supply chains, it only takes consumers a few clicks to purchase any product they desire. Accurate and detailed product descriptions on retail sites have never been more critical as buying decisions are increasingly based on information seen online. 

Product attributes, or characteristics that represent a product like size or color, are the building blocks of quality product descriptions. If a consumer is deciding between two similar products online, they will likely choose the option with a more complete product description full of specific product attributes. What happens if this product information isn’t accurate or accessible? 

Inaccessible and Inaccurate Product Attributes

Products possess many unique product attributes. However, it is uncommon for consumers to have access to all of those attributes while making a purchase. In many cases, we buy products without knowing enough specific information to guarantee we chose the best option.

For example, imagine you recently bought an electric bike online. You were provided basic information like the product name, color, size, manufacturer, but little else. What is its power output? What is the battery pack size? What are its replaceable parts? None of this information is presented on the retail site, so you would have to attempt to find that information yourself.

Solution for Brands and Retailers

The problem of inaccessible or inaccurate product attributes can be tied to reliance on outdated, manual syndication processes that move product information across the digital supply chain. When tedious syndication processes are manually performed, the likelihood for error increases. In addition, precious time is taken away from employees that could be focusing on improving business operations, product quality, and customer satisfaction.  

In order to solve the problem of inaccessible or inaccurate product information, more companies need to digitally transform their supply chains. Digitalization enables a smooth flow of product attributes across the supply chain and ensures manufacturers, brands, and retailers have consistent, accurate information about their products. 

For more information about product attributes and issues with current supply chain systems, listen to our podcasts “Are We Ready for Network-Based Supply Chains?” and “Why We Need Additional Product Attributes in Supply Chain.”

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