Easily Send Product Data

Sending product data is an extremely tedious process for your team. We automate, accelerate, and streamline the syndication process to all your retailers.

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Content Management Providers

Full-Cycle Syndication

Fast and simple integration with Venzee’s API provides you with the necessary functionality to automate and streamline the syndication process for all brand clients.

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Reliable Data from Suppliers

Venzee provides a fully customizable API tailored to your data retrieval needs. Our simple user interface allows a streamlined workflow for all of your suppliers.

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How Venzee Works for Brands

Select Your Retail Channels

- Purchase your retail connectors directly from this site.
- Next, you will fill out a 5-minute form to provide additional information.

Submit Your Product Data

- After selecting your retail channels, input your product data into the Venzee platform, regardless of how it is organized.

- From there, your data will be added to the Venzee API.

Syndication Complete

- The Venzee platform will receive any errors, and our Integrations team will ensure all of your data is consistently and accurately delivered.

- Venzee now provides your brand an infinitely scalable, true end-to-end product data syndication solution.

Simply Connect to Any Retailer

“Working with Venzee, we now save about 90% of time on syndication.”

- Adam Ryan

, DecoTeak Analyst View Case Study

“We were able to survive due to Venzee’s help. They saved the day by allowing us to expand to different channels.”

- Itzia D. Aubut

, Business Development Director at Giant Art View Case Study

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