Meet shoppers where they’re at

Ensure consumers find your products wherever they’re browsing — your own store, a major online marketplace, single retailer or distributor, even social media.

Venzee offers full-cycle syndication, including that all-important “last mile,” regardless of the selling channel. It automates and optimizes schema/template retrieval, data mapping, validation, delivery and channel feedback, providing a true round-trip solution with all your selling channels.

Connect with selling channels, big or small

Content Syndication

Your customers are everywhere. With Venzee, you can be everywhere too. Adding new selling channels to your network is fast and easy. Venzee’s platform supports integration with many popular retailers and marketplaces. We can also support syndication to any selling channel you want. There’s no need to customize data to a channel’s requirements. Our MESH™ Connector automates and expedites the delivery of product data to all your e-commerce channels, including mobile, marketplace and social.

Venzee’s network of selling channels includes e-commerce platforms, online marketplaces and any retailer of your choosing and supports integration with many popular Canadian and US  channels.

Easily and efficiently sell your products across multiple selling channels.

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Canadian Tire
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Home Depot
AliExpress 2

Looking for a channel that’s not on this list?  Let us know and we’ll make sure it’s supported.

Streamline owned and unowned channel management

Owned selling channels, such as your website or physical store, are your immediate link to your customers. Unowned channels, such as marketplaces or social media platforms, extend your reach much more widely.

Venzee integrates with both, letting you manage them all from a single platform. Because it optimizes and validates data against every marketplace’s latest requirements, you can be confident your most up-to-date product information is distributed across all channels. Your customers enjoy a consistent brand and product experience regardless of where they’re shopping.

Save time and get to market faster.