Simplified selling

Why we started Venzee

Venzee was created to automate, streamline and accelerate the digital supply chain between brands and retailers, transforming e-commerce by ensuring better consumer experiences through product-information optimization. E-commerce sellers win when they provide the most compelling, accurate and complete product information to consumers. Venzee has been built, and continues to be enhanced, to fulfill this foundational objective.

Our Values

Our values are not just a set of principles, they are our unique way of igniting passion in our employees and driving excellence in our product and service. Bold and fun, with a hint of the unexpected — it is the essence of who we are.

  • Diligent focus on customers: We strive for excellence, knowing it demands constant, honest customer feedback within a supportive environment.

  • Responsible pioneers: Our decisions boldly navigate new frontiers, always aligned with our customer-first compass. We navigate with responsibility, recognizing our resource limits. We’re a crew of accountable owners.

  • Integrity: We are driven by a desire to be useful, to operate with the highest standards of integrity and to create a diverse workforce that values kindness.

Our vision


Our vision is to be the technology leader that powers online commerce for brands and retailers.

Our Mission


Our mission is to empower the global e-commerce community — brands, retailers and consumers — with a comprehensive technology platform that removes all friction and inefficiencies from the digital supply chain.

From the onboarding, coordination and organization of product information and its transformation to meet selling channel requirements, to syndication and representation of products online, Venzee ensures the best product presence, guiding consumers to a rewarding buying experience and, ultimately, decisions to purchase.

Venzee product

Our product

Venzee’s product cloud is a composable SaaS-based solution for orchestrating, activating and optimizing product experiences across all owned and unowned channels, including e-commerce. Our all-in-one platform drives revenue growth, reduces return rates and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty while eliminating the chaos and delays from outdated technologies and manual work processes.

Meet our team members

Peter Montross_CEO

Peter Montross

Chief Executive Officer


Gulcin Kuvanci



Paul Twigg


Save time and get to market faster.


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“I was surprised by the high frequency of chats and by how the customers using it got right to the point. SaaSup is the most intuitive and modern live chat we found."

Joan Wallace
CEO @Wallmart
Joan Wallace

“I just checked this out, and have never been so happy that I saw an ad 👏

David Watson
CTO @Wealthnation
David Watson

“I just wanted to let you know that your team has been doing a tremendous job on our requests."

Louis Ferguson
Head of Marketing @marketers
Louis Ferguson

“The perfect tool for our ‘Service with Passion’ motto. From day one, Monday has inspired our trust and amazement. People often tell us that they love the chat and think it’s modern – something they have expected from a company.“

Sarah Forest
Founder @Asana
Sarah Forest