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Accelerating the trade of products since 2014
When Venzee founder Kate Hiscox launched her first e-commerce startup in 2004, the retail industry was largely powered by people manually entering product data.

Ten years later, Kate was surprised to find that even the largest manufacturers, distributors and retailers had no unifying solution for effectively managing their product information.

Never shying away from a good challenge and knowing there had to be a better way, Kate launched Venzee in 2014 to automate the digital supply chain processes.

Today, Venzee helps all trading partners bring more products to market, reduce human involvement and sell more.
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“Our retailers love Venzee and the benefits to our business were immediate.”
– Cindy Fogarty, VP E-Commerce, ELK Group International
We were looking at alternatives before we heard about Venzee. What would have taken months to setup, took weeks and we were even able to add our suppliers in China which I think is unique to this platform. I cannot recommend Venzee highly enough.
– Paul Morrison, Trojan
"Product information in a PIM or ERP goes stale, fast. Keeping data on the move, keeps it fresh and accurate."
– Edgar Sanchez, Unilever

A journey from spreadsheet cells to international product data exchange ecosystem.


Start of Venzee

Venzee was founded by Kate Hiscox, Marco Sylvestre and Xin Huang on January 6, 2014.

500 Startups

Accepted into 500 Startups, a top Silicon Valley accelerator, Venzee became a top graduate of the group and presented a demo to over 40 VC funds in San Francisco and Mexico City.


Generator Challenge Winner

Venzee won Generator Challenge in Vancouver, receiving 12 months of free office space during the 2015–16 program.

Successful Seed Raise

Venzee closed an oversubscribed seed raise for $1.6M. Early investors included 500 Startups and Gary Rubens, the founder of ATG Stores (acq. by Lowes for $300M).

CIX Winner

Venzee won the CIX Top 20 program — Canada’s largest national showcase of the most innovative tech companies in the country.


Beta Release

Venzee became available in beta.

Pilot Distributor Added

Anheuser-Busch added their distributor network in Mexico to Venzee as a pilot territory.

Industry Investment Round

Venzee announced a private investment round backed by industry professionals and private investors from Amazon, Google, YouTube and PwC.

A Powerful Data Transformation Engine

Venzee released collaboration-based, content-rich exports, which detect vendor changes and update automatically.

Customers in 50+ Countries

Just six months after beta release, Venzee users grew to include companies in over 50 countries.


The Wayfair Project

Venzee announced a collaboration with Wayfair, one of 10 major retailers working with Venzee to introduce system-friendly, error-free products to vendors.

Venzee released Autopilot, API and Developers Portal

The Autopilot feature launched, acting as an inbox for vendor and retailer products for rapid updates. Venzee also released a Developers Portal to share their API with the developer community.


Venzee went public

Venzee started trading publicly on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) under the symbol VENZ on January 5, 2018.

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Led by a team of e-commerce experts

We are a globally distributed team of hard-hitters with a goal of automating the way data flows through digital supply chains worldwide.

Kate Hiscox


Kate is a software engineer that has worked in e-commerce and supply chain management for 16 years.

Her first startup, Lunawarehouse.com, was acquired within a year of launch in 2004.

Kate has successfully navigated through three additional startup exits. Having built and operated two online stores herself, Kate has a pulse on the barriers facing e-commerce.

Peter MacKay

President & CEO

Peter is an experienced executive with an entrepreneurial mindset.

His proven track record of building and growing successful technology businesses includes 20 years of experience, two successful exits, and a public listing.

His previous company, Expert Agent, is the leading real estate SaaS solution in the UK with 14,000+ realtors and almost 9 million home buyers as clients. Peter lives in Vancouver with his family.

Marco Sylvestre


Marco Sylvestre is co founder and CTO with 15+ years experience.

Marco is a certified scrum master and his experience includes coaching fortune 500 development teams on successful migration from waterfall to agile methodology.

Issa Nakhleh


Mr. Nakhleh recently served as CFO of UrtheCast, where he helped grow the company from 15 employees to over 200 with offices worldwide. He worked extensively to take UrtheCast from a small private company to a senior TSX listed firm. 

Mr. Nakhleh holds an MBA from Warwick Business School in the UK along with his professional accounting designation.

Peter Montross

VP Sales

Peter brings over 28 years of experience in the retail industry, delivering strong revenue performance and growth.

He has extensive sales experience and success with software-as-a-service content exchange solutions, business intelligence products and product information management software products and services.

John Abrams

VP Partner Development

John brings more than two decades of experience building high-volume, consumer-relevant digital supply chains in regulated and globally distributed industries.

His work with brands including the McDonald's Corp. and Cardinal Health helped reduce cost, improve processes and transform the customer experience on a global scale.

We’re a diverse and talented team that keeps on growing. We work from all over the world with our home office based in beautiful Vancouver, BC.