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VIDEO: 7 Reasons Retail Needs Better-Connected Supply Networks

Venzee believes in supply networks and argues that connectivity is key to content efficiency, so we’re disrupting over 4,000 years of retail trade. The bulk of retail trade relies on linear supply chains, but these supply chains aren’t equipped to handle increasing demand. Watch the video below for a quick run through of our 7 reasons […]

7 Reasons Retail Needs Better-Connected Supply Networks

Venzee is disrupting 4,000 years of retail trade. Here’s our case for connectivity. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers today rely on linear supply chains to get product content from origin to consumer, but these supply chains aren’t built to handle the exponentially increasing industry demand. Despite significant investment in technology solutions, retailers still rely on too […]

Journey to Content Efficiency for Retailers Begins with Certification

Retailers can proactively respond to growing product content demands by automating content submissions for suppliers and brands. Venzee simplifies life for brands with intelligent product content distribution for multiple retailer connections, enabling brands to deliver content from a single source of truth to more sales channels accurately and with less manual effort and allocated labor. […]

Built for Flexibility: 3 Ways Users Can Add Content to Venzee

Venzee has flexible solutions for retail’s content distribution challenges. In this post, we talk about how our technology meets the needs of an industry in transition, focusing on the first step to product content distribution with Venzee, content ingestion, and the three ways users can add content to our platform. The industry’s growing problem Inefficient […]


What a Master Data Sheet Is and Why Your Business Might Need One

As a Product Data Specialist and the Lead on the Customer Success Team here at Venzee, a common problem I see clients struggle with is product data management. At Venzee, we work to eliminate inefficiencies resulting from manual work in the digital supply chain. Venzee streamlines the way product information gets from manufacturers to retailers […]

PIM vs. DAM — What’s the Difference?

Both PIMs and DAMs are common in the worlds of ecommerce merchandising, digital marketing, graphic design, and even consumer goods sales. These enterprise software systems, (spelled out PIM and DAM stand for Product Information Management and Digital Asset Management, respectively) help organizations manage data that’s essential to their business functions. The line that separates these […]

4 Essential Market Events for Furniture and Home Goods in 2019

High Point, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Atlanta are all major hubs for the home furnishings industry. Each boasts a market center, containing hundreds of permanent showrooms, where thousands of brands exhibit at trade events throughout the year. Each city hosts multiple market events which attract tens of thousands of buyers from retailers ranging anywhere from […]

16+ Essential Terms To Help You Understand Digital Supply Chains

The digital supply chain is an incredibly complex space that continues to grow in complexity as enterprises in all of commerce transition from incumbent to burgeoning technologies and processes as they adapt to a world that continues to move more online. More specifically, the term digital supply chain refers to the retail ecosystem (and its […]

Thought leadership

Hidden Friction in Syndicating Product Content to Retailers

An industry veteran’s perspective on the challenge of product content syndication and how manufacturers can uncover hidden friction in the submission process. What really matters when it comes to efficiently syndicating product content from manufacturers to trading partners? Having been in the digital supply chain industry for over a decade now, I have seen significant […]

3 Reasons a Faster Last Mile Matters More Than Ever in Online Retail

Brands invest significant amounts of money, time, and human resources into product information management, including technology solutions built to tame the chaos of product information internally, but these address only part of the problem. Suppliers and retailers both struggle with the last mile (i.e., the stage of getting enriched, complete, accurate product information to retailers […]

Meet Riversand, Venzee’s Most Recent Channel Partner

First seen as “Meet Riversand, Venzee’s Most Recent Channel Partner” on LinkedIn by Arlen Hansen, President, Kin Communications Inc. (Apr 5, 2019) 5 Questions with Sudu Gupta, Director of Product Management, Data Syndication and Strategic Alliances for Riversand Technologies Riversand, a Houston-based leader in complex data management products for brands and manufacturers in Energy, Healthcare […]

5 Questions with Peter MacKay, President and CEO

First seen as “5 Questions with Peter Mackay, President and CEO of Venzee Technologies (VENZ:TSXv)” on LinkedIn by Arlen Hansen, President, Kin Communications Inc. (Oct 12, 2018) Venzee Technologies (VENZ:TSXv) has recently announced another channel partnership. And as Company continues to execute these technology partnerships I thought it was important to sit down with Peter […]


What Is Omnichannel Retail? (And Do You Have the Right Strategy?)

The biggest buzzword in retail over the last few years has been omnichannel and for good reason. Omnichannel shopping is here to stay. Gone are the days of plain, old ecommerce. Now, you need give your customers an omnichannel experience to compete in retail. If you’re still trying to unpack this term and figure out […]

6 Reasons Spreadsheets Are Eating Your Soul

Of all the technological and digital advances made by the human race in the last 20-30 years, there is one area where we still remain extremely primitive: product information management and data flow. Why? Spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are the bane of the retail world, from big Fortune 500 companies down to the smallest Mom & Pop […]

Google Launches Shopping Insights

On Tuesday, October 20th Google launched a new tool for retailers. The tool shows where, when, and how people are searching for products.Their intention is for retailers to further understand consumer behavior and make better decisions around their marketing and inventory strategies. According to their release: “87% of shopping research happens online, 92% of goods […]

5 Signs You Need Help With Your Product Information

1. You have 30 spreadsheets to update each of your retailers When each of your retailers is looking for a specific way to receive product information, and you edit the same information into each excel doc, but modify it a specific way. Break away from the duplicate work! Venzee is a great solution to notify […]